Protego Alert

Social Distancing Reinvented

The first worldwide realtime solution for social distancing is shipping now!

We want you to feel safe and comfortable going into public places, as the world is gradually transitioning into the new normal.

iPhone App available on request

How it works

Protego Alert App helps you maintain social distancing when you are in public spaces, whether it be an elevator, workplace, or a grocery store.

As humans, we have a subconscious tendency to approach other people even when we should not. Our app will take care of your safety with a hassle-free solution on your phone.

Protego Alert will notify you with a vibration or a sound alert, when the safe distance between you and another person is compromised.

  • Easy to install: no technical knowledge required
  • Personalized: change the vibration level and sound to your liking
  • Safe and secure data: the app does not collect your personal information
  • Whitelist option: add members of your household to the whitelist, so they do not trigger the alert when in your vicinity

Thank You For Your Support

Meet the Team

Our international team created the social distancing app to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Andreas Schröder


Project manager for the implementation of worldwide leading farming standard

Product rollouts in Saudi, UAE, and Kuwait

Co-development of Brexit strategy for large MNE

Nikolaus Schauersberger

Software Development

+10 years software engineer

Expertise in native Android applications and full stack web applications

Lisa Attenborough


+30 years experience as leader & communication specialist

Developer of communication strategy and planning for large corporations and SMEs

Women to watch list
(UK, 2017)

Harald Dietrich


+20 years of experience in software development and agile organizations

Leadership Team Member and Head of Teams Operations for a multi-national JV for autonomous driving

Development manager for solutions leveraging customer insights for retailers

Clara Villafañe Sanz

Produkt Designer

Experienced in leading creative projects with startups and corporations

Background in designing and managing digital products for IoT building services

Linh Tran


Experienced in brand management at the FMCG company

Launched the first large scale retailer-FMCG Sustainability partnerships in Russia


Bluetooth data does not require your online data, so all the information will be exclusively exchanged among devices. We will not be able to see who interacts with whom.

Your battery life will not be significantly impacted by the app. According to the test, it requires <1% per hour

You can add members of the household or friends in the whitelist, so that their devices don’t trigger the alarm when they are near you.